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Monthly Archives: February 2010

Windows capture action around themAnother ‘reflections’ shot (see the one entitled, imaginatively, ‘Reflections’ earlier in February), this time in the various panes of the Tug Boat Restaurant. A crowd of boys were jostling each other on the jetty and diving into the water, with plenty of impressed/amused onlookers.

The windows capture the action on this hot afternoon at Wellington’s Oriental Bay.Boys dives off jetty

Three weeks into school for E and we are seeing the birth of literacy. Sounding out words, trying to work out what letter makes the word, having a go. ‘Mistakes are welcome’, goes the classroom motto.

And if you can’t work it out, this is a ‘flower cake with some candles’.

Name of the band 'The Cribs' on chalk boardIntroducing the Cribs. This is the ‘cult band of the UK’ (as seen on a poster). They play to huge stadium crowds in Europe. Their guitarist is uber-guitar-legend, Johnny Marr.

And we get to see them in the intimate (some might say, tiny) Bar Bodega. What a treat. Love the fact that their name is up on the board outside, rather than splashed in neon across some mighty signage.

For more photos snapped from a madly heaving mosh pit barely gripped in my sweaty palm, go to ‘The Cribs’ photo set on Flickr

red knickers on mono backgroundPlaying with decorating the laundry (see previous post ‘Soaked‘) – and playing with Photoshop. Makes the kids’ knickers look quite styley. Have got some stripey socks and a French fisherman’s shirt to complete the set:-)

Street lights like sparklers…when you swing the camera around at night with a sl–o–w– shutter speed and the aperture open as a farm gate.

This is the view of Karori from our deck at night. No, really.

Flax flowers waving in the windFly the flags. Celebrate a beautiful day.

Escaped the office, collected the girls and headed to the park.

Bus blindLove this bus blind.

We think it was probably from Route 23, around Warwick Avenue, Edgware Rd flyover, Maida Vale and Elgin Avenue. Happy days when we were courtin’, all around the now-much-altered North Westminster Community School where we worked.

This old bus blind remind us of those places of the first date, pub crawls and great curries afterwards. Happy days.

Laundry pail and tinI may not like washing but I sure do love a nice-looking laundry.

And this enamel bucket and tin are great – cheerful, with a modern twist. Nice typography, too;-)

Sun on wall mural I attend my first assembly for E. I sit with other mums and dads on squeaky plastic chairs in the school hall, looking up at the sun, with its hopeful ‘Carpe diem’ and its comforting ‘kia kaha’.

The children file in, at least four classes of new and nearl-newbies. They sing ‘Edith the Elf’ [who keeps her sparkling treasure on a shelf] and show us things they have made that begin with ‘R’ [spaceships and bunnies. Think about it…]. It’s all actions and loud claps when the teacher wants them to be quiet.

I watch E waving at me, delighted to see that I am amongst the small crowd. She does all her actions and remembers nearly all the words of the song.

I am SO proud – and so glad I went.

Lawn sprinkling So.

The InstantLawn folk instruct us to keep the new lawn nice and damp for the first two weeks. Who knew it would need so much love?  This truly nuture over nature, especially in summer.

Sprinkling the lawn at the night has made a pretty weird photo, though.

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