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Lost in the middle of the dripping wet bush near Karori Cemetery, I stumbled across this weird looking beauty….

Every Autumn, this tree is one of the last to lose its leaves in the Botanical Gardens here in Wellington. And, just before it does, the leaves turn the brightest yellow. The shape of the branches reminds me of a dancer….

Californian Redwood right here in lil’ol’ Wellington. Running through the very Autumnal Botanical Garden today really put my head straight.

Camera: iPhone

These cabbage trees sit at the entrance to the Karori campus of Victoria University – and at night they are floodlit in a way that makes them look pretty surreal. Shot in darkness so slow shutter speed and my natural wobble meant I had to find a way to enhance the blur!;-)

I’m not a big fan of the blinding white flash on the camera, and often turn it off. But shooting trees at night with it turned a pretty ho-hum pohutakawa into a bleach-bone ghost. Would have liked it to be more tack sharp, but I still like it:-)

This man in the tree has been at the Botanical Gardens in Wellington for a few years. It has been carved from the stump of one of the huge pines that used to encircle the playground.

Maybe he was inside the tree all the time, waiting for the carvers to uncover him ..?!

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