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Category Archives: plants

Magnificent magnolias.

Lost in the middle of the dripping wet bush near Karori Cemetery, I stumbled across this weird looking beauty….

Californian Redwood right here in lil’ol’ Wellington. Running through the very Autumnal Botanical Garden today really put my head straight.

Camera: iPhone

First sign of the end of summer and the flax plants in the garden produce these beautiful orange…seeds? Flowers? Answers on a postcard.

Flax flowers waving in the windFly the flags. Celebrate a beautiful day.

Escaped the office, collected the girls and headed to the park.

Basil flower

Basil flower

Who’d’ve thunk it? Never able to keep a basil plant growing for more than a few days in the kitchen, somehow (by letting it die several times a week, I think), one has survived. And thrived. Yes, we have flowers. Ah, bless. It must be happy.

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