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Magnificent magnolias.

Californian Redwood right here in lil’ol’ Wellington. Running through the very Autumnal Botanical Garden today really put my head straight.

Camera: iPhone

…you might see Charlotte’s Web strung across the dying fronds of summer flowers.

I’m not a big fan of the blinding white flash on the camera, and often turn it off. But shooting trees at night with it turned a pretty ho-hum pohutakawa into a bleach-bone ghost. Would have liked it to be more tack sharp, but I still like it:-)

This beautiful tree – what kind is it? –  is on a fast bend of the Tinakori road – but the traffic was crawling slow enough for me to get a good look at it. The leaves are already falling under it and those on the tree are beginning to glow yellow.

First sign of the end of summer and the flax plants in the garden produce these beautiful orange…seeds? Flowers? Answers on a postcard.

Basil flower

Basil flower

Who’d’ve thunk it? Never able to keep a basil plant growing for more than a few days in the kitchen, somehow (by letting it die several times a week, I think), one has survived. And thrived. Yes, we have flowers. Ah, bless. It must be happy.

Dodging the hose in the garden. Archetypal summer shot – except if you live in Wellington. Beautiful sunny day, at last

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