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Crown Plaza(?) at Wellington, winking its red and green lights in the gathering gloom. Going home from work in the dark:-(

These cabbage trees sit at the entrance to the Karori campus of Victoria University – and at night they are floodlit in a way that makes them look pretty surreal. Shot in darkness so slow shutter speed and my natural wobble meant I had to find a way to enhance the blur!;-)

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A beautiful day on the harbour with the safety boat beetling about – and a stunning sunset to finish.

Shot during dinner from the deck. Great colours as the night draws in (which is now about 6pm…)

No photoshopping or other enhancements on this. Straight out of the camera to you.

I’m not a big fan of the blinding white flash on the camera, and often turn it off. But shooting trees at night with it turned a pretty ho-hum pohutakawa into a bleach-bone ghost. Would have liked it to be more tack sharp, but I still like it:-)

The light glowing from the garage window in the early evening made me think about hibernating. Autumn’s a-comin’.

The glow from under the roofing shows how we need to get some extra building work done, too;-)

Street lights like sparklers…when you swing the camera around at night with a sl–o–w– shutter speed and the aperture open as a farm gate.

This is the view of Karori from our deck at night. No, really.

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