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7am, Friday morning, Karori.

A beautiful day dawns…

While I am sure there are some Makara residents that wish the title of this post was literally true, the wind farm made for an arresting sight from Wrights Hill during sunset a couple of days ago.

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I like the hint of Autumn sky behind here, and the way the branches frame the tower.

Shot on 13 May 2010

These cabbage trees sit at the entrance to the Karori campus of Victoria University – and at night they are floodlit in a way that makes them look pretty surreal. Shot in darkness so slow shutter speed and my natural wobble meant I had to find a way to enhance the blur!;-)

…or so Karori Golf Club fervently hopes, in their cheerfully painted sign on a fence. Love the irony of the glam celeb name on the determinedly home-made signage.

Then again, maybe they know something we don’t??

Street lights like sparklers…when you swing the camera around at night with a sl–o–w– shutter speed and the aperture open as a farm gate.

This is the view of Karori from our deck at night. No, really.

View of Wellington

Another morning walk (yes, that’s 6am, folks:-), striding up to the summit of Wrights Hill in Karori. Mists settling over the harbour, and much bird-like twittering rising from the Sanctuary below.

Peering out from the glass, the ghost sheep search in vain for green pastures. Can you see two?

A beautiful day in Highbury Park. Make a wish…

A church and a cross

I was struck by the way the cross in the foreground connected with the one in the background. Mind you, it was 6am.

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