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View from the house as rains come in from the north

Almost a rainbow – not quite. About as mixed up as the weather at the moment.

Rained all day. Soggy cat + clean sofa = kinda cute footprints.

While I am sure there are some Makara residents that wish the title of this post was literally true, the wind farm made for an arresting sight from Wrights Hill during sunset a couple of days ago.

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Wild weather we’ve been having of late.

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7am this morning. Stunning – and brief.

…you might see Charlotte’s Web strung across the dying fronds of summer flowers.

…glad I spent it in Wellington.

Helicopter scenic tours doing a roaring trade (no pun  intended). Harbour was millpond flat and winter was nowhere in sight.

New gumboots, so we are ready for next time.

Maybe not four seasons in one day, but at least three. Rain, gales, thunder lightning – and then this, the calmest of evenings.

Busy days this week – so a quick post of the last five days’ shots. Random, for sure, but lovely in their varied-ness:-)

1. Those early morning runs are already in darkness – autumn’s on its way. Still, this dawn silhouette shot shows you that it can still be incredibly beautiful at 6.30am:-)

2. Weather bomb arrives in Karori, blocking out the sun, followed by (3) Simon Schama and I laughing about how quickly he name-checked my Karen Walker dress.

4. Duck-shaped profiteroles at Le Canard in Wellington (mais bien sur!) – and (5) a balloon peeks out from the Karori ‘burbs.

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