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…the roof has a certain style….

Sunday morning saw me hanging out with the girls down by the skate park near Wellington’s water front. I’m not sure I had noticed the marae-style gateway to the park before today, but the contrast between that and the graffiti nearby was interesting, in terms of both colour and culture. What statement, if any, is made by taking a shot that includes them both?  No colour enhancement on this, btw.

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I ran past him at 8am this morning in glorious sunshine (training run for the Team MND half-marathon) and passed him again in the afternoon when the sky was grey and the wind nearly shiped my into the water as I tried to grab the close-up shot.

He had a bit of graffitti on his bum – but the green shoe that someone slipped on to his foot last week had been removed. Poor chap. He is beautiful – but he gets a lot of attention, and not all of it good.

Still, I love the way Wellington has artistic moments like this sprinkled along the water front.

Solace in the wind’, by Max Patte: article on his installation from

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A beautiful day on the harbour with the safety boat beetling about – and a stunning sunset to finish.

…glad I spent it in Wellington.

Helicopter scenic tours doing a roaring trade (no pun  intended). Harbour was millpond flat and winter was nowhere in sight.

Pretty well documented, these ‘mirror blobs’ [a.k.a. Mimetic Brotherhood, by local artist Peter Trevelyan] of art by Wellington’s Te Papa.

Shame that the ‘do not touch’ sign is pretty hard to see, unlike the dents and broken corners:-(  I am very much in the ‘please DO touch this’ category of art with large pieces like this that just cry out to be interacted with…

Never mind, they certainly look stunning, even on a grey day like this one (Sunday 28, I think).

Boat huts with blue coloured doorsAnother scorcher in the windy city. Nikon died on me so this is courtesy of the iphone – a row of boat huts along the waterfront which you can only see once you’re out from the shore on a jetty (or. I guess, on a boat;-).

Behind me, children were screaming madly on their bikes but at least my eyes were looking at something calm:-)

ReflectionsGlimpsed this view through the archway next to Wagamama’s after celebrating the first day at school. I like the way you can see the sea but the actual reflections are in the windows of the restaurant. And, of course, many internal reflections going on about how far Miss E has come in five years:-)

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