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Last day of term yesterday and the eldest has been fashioning a paper Easter basket for mummy. Bless.

Is this just a New Zealand tradition? Animals made from mouth-swabby stuff (proper name for this??) hanging on a floss necklace. A present for the eldest because she was good for the nurse. No treatment required (which means no trip to see the bank manager;-)

Writing a story, trying out her letters. We are about seven weeks into school. Here we have a ‘recreative excerpt’ from ‘Kiwi Moon’ by Gavin Bishop, starring Te Marama and the little kiwi. “I am a kiwi”, thinks the kiwi. “Well, I am the moon,” thinks Te Marama.

Booking sheet for parents' evening at schoolIf it’s Term 1, Week 6, it must be time for Parent-Teacher Evening at school;-) It’s the first time I have attended a PTE for my own child, and the first one in which the child helped to lead it. Yes, she needed a lot of prompting – she’s only five –  but the intention is great – help them take control of their own learning.

We talked through ‘two stars’ – achievements – and a ‘wish’, the next goal for literacy and numeracy. We also got to feedback on any aspect of her life that was going well, and areas that she was keen to work on, so that the teacher could add to what he already knew of her.

Really impressed.

Three weeks into school for E and we are seeing the birth of literacy. Sounding out words, trying to work out what letter makes the word, having a go. ‘Mistakes are welcome’, goes the classroom motto.

And if you can’t work it out, this is a ‘flower cake with some candles’.

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