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A stunning Sunday at Scorching Bay – and the kitsch of the paua-covered house next to Scorch-a-rama Cafe adds to the summer scene.

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Wellington has art just lying around all over the place. Or, should that be, stretching above our heads all over? Another beautiful winter’s day over the weekend.

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We all need some colour to cheer up the grey days. Gorgeous roses – with a side order of gerbera.

No, the local climbing wall. Best place to be on a(nother) wet wintry day….Cheers, Ferg:-)

Almost a rainbow – not quite. About as mixed up as the weather at the moment.

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Yesterday may have been the shortest day, but the sun still sank pretty early at the playground today. Still, won’t be long before it’s bathed in sprng sunshine again…;-) Happy Solstice and Happy Matariki!

Wild weather we’ve been having of late.

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Chilly days means a warming curry bubbling away on the hob.

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