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Day 2 in Christchurch…I snap photos like a soppy tourist;-)

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 The eldest came home from school holiday club with these rather intriguing bones today. The ‘dinosaur dig’ had been the theme and they had done some amazing things: searching for remains, decorating home-made dinosaurs, eating dino-chocolate and other fun stuff.

This sabre-toothed skeleton makes for an interesting still-life. And yes, I’ve played with the lighting here. He looks rather eerie. Even if he is a bit dead.

I’m not a big fan of the blinding white flash on the camera, and often turn it off. But shooting trees at night with it turned a pretty ho-hum pohutakawa into a bleach-bone ghost. Would have liked it to be more tack sharp, but I still like it:-)

This shot was inspired by me looking for images that represent ‘Home’ as part of the April Megapixel challenge (see blogroll).  This two words sit high on the top of a wall that divides two rooms, and they can be viewed from both sides. The flash has made them look more stark and striking than in reality – but I like that.

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