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A stunning Sunday at Scorching Bay – and the kitsch of the paua-covered house next to Scorch-a-rama Cafe adds to the summer scene.

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Poised on stilts over the water at the edge of Wellington harbour, this wee boathouse is the most cheerful in a row of them, between Balleana Bay and Greta Point. Snapped on the iphone (hence the grainy-ness) as I jogged past in the late afternoon sun.

Wouldn’t life always be that little bit more interesting if you lived here, at the mercy of the elements, sheltered by your scarlet tin roof and royal-purple weatherboards?

Boat huts with blue coloured doorsAnother scorcher in the windy city. Nikon died on me so this is courtesy of the iphone – a row of boat huts along the waterfront which you can only see once you’re out from the shore on a jetty (or. I guess, on a boat;-).

Behind me, children were screaming madly on their bikes but at least my eyes were looking at something calm:-)

Windows capture action around themAnother ‘reflections’ shot (see the one entitled, imaginatively, ‘Reflections’ earlier in February), this time in the various panes of the Tug Boat Restaurant. A crowd of boys were jostling each other on the jetty and diving into the water, with plenty of impressed/amused onlookers.

The windows capture the action on this hot afternoon at Wellington’s Oriental Bay.Boys dives off jetty

Iron rivet on the sea wall

Iron rivet on the sea wall

All that holds up the sea wall in Wellington’s Oriental Bay – a line of rusted rivets, slowly being eaten away. Strangely fascinating.

ReflectionsGlimpsed this view through the archway next to Wagamama’s after celebrating the first day at school. I like the way you can see the sea but the actual reflections are in the windows of the restaurant. And, of course, many internal reflections going on about how far Miss E has come in five years:-)

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