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Hanging over the precipice, the kids chill out in the box. This is the box that the trampoline came in.

And, of course, the box is far more fun.

Boat huts with blue coloured doorsAnother scorcher in the windy city. Nikon died on me so this is courtesy of the iphone – a row of boat huts along the waterfront which you can only see once you’re out from the shore on a jetty (or. I guess, on a boat;-).

Behind me, children were screaming madly on their bikes but at least my eyes were looking at something calm:-)

Flax flowers waving in the windFly the flags. Celebrate a beautiful day.

Escaped the office, collected the girls and headed to the park.

Wellington Harbour

Grabbed this shot on the way down Orangi Kaupapa. Beautiful. Still. Stood next to a man who was just standing there, enjoying the early morning view.

Dodging the hose in the garden. Archetypal summer shot – except if you live in Wellington. Beautiful sunny day, at last

Coming out to play?

A fabulously hot afternoon in Wellington sees the kids out in the back garden till teatime. The dry grass makes it look particulary drought-ridden but actually we are killing the grass in preparation for the new turf we’ll lay later in the summer. Even so, I think this shot does show how darn hot it was today. And about time.

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