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 The eldest came home from school holiday club with these rather intriguing bones today. The ‘dinosaur dig’ had been the theme and they had done some amazing things: searching for remains, decorating home-made dinosaurs, eating dino-chocolate and other fun stuff.

This sabre-toothed skeleton makes for an interesting still-life. And yes, I’ve played with the lighting here. He looks rather eerie. Even if he is a bit dead.

Karen Walker skull

Retail therapy at Karen Walker pulls in a haul of goodies at summer sale prices, including this little fella from the ‘She’s Cracked’ collection. Hurrah! Love the contrast between the rope and the shiny ‘jewel’. In fact, have been getting a bit obsessed about skulls today, loving, as I am, Annie Smits Sandano’s skull word cut prints. Also intrigued by the turquoise skeleton, whose title escapes me, in the Wallace Art Award exhibition at the Dowse. Want them all.

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