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Sunday morning coffee, steam curling in the sunshine.

I took loads of shots of this, and there were all kinds of amazing patterns and spirals, as well as colours shooting through.

Coffee was pretty fine, too.

While I am sure there are some Makara residents that wish the title of this post was literally true, the wind farm made for an arresting sight from Wrights Hill during sunset a couple of days ago.

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It was the light in this view that got me. The sun is setting and is just catching the trees and house between us and the hazy blue hillscape beyond.

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A beautiful day on the harbour with the safety boat beetling about – and a stunning sunset to finish.

Shot during dinner from the deck. Great colours as the night draws in (which is now about 6pm…)

No photoshopping or other enhancements on this. Straight out of the camera to you.

Windows capture action around themAnother ‘reflections’ shot (see the one entitled, imaginatively, ‘Reflections’ earlier in February), this time in the various panes of the Tug Boat Restaurant. A crowd of boys were jostling each other on the jetty and diving into the water, with plenty of impressed/amused onlookers.

The windows capture the action on this hot afternoon at Wellington’s Oriental Bay.Boys dives off jetty

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