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Monthly Archives: April 2010

Californian Redwood right here in lil’ol’ Wellington. Running through the very Autumnal Botanical Garden today really put my head straight.

Camera: iPhone

Autumn cometh. Dark at 5.30pm.

Experimenting with posting from my iphone

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I ran past him at 8am this morning in glorious sunshine (training run for the Team MND half-marathon) and passed him again in the afternoon when the sky was grey and the wind nearly shiped my into the water as I tried to grab the close-up shot.

He had a bit of graffitti on his bum – but the green shoe that someone slipped on to his foot last week had been removed. Poor chap. He is beautiful – but he gets a lot of attention, and not all of it good.

Still, I love the way Wellington has artistic moments like this sprinkled along the water front.

Solace in the wind’, by Max Patte: article on his installation from

Tomorrow is Anzac Day.

Lest we forget.

Jars on the windowsill. I like the glass and the catches on the lids.

“I play the recorder” – from ‘Orchestra’

A shot from the DVD of Miffy’s stories by Dick Bruna that the girls have been enjoying this week. Very gentle, very sweet.

I can promise you that no photoshopping has happened here – just a flash shot of Archie the cat from straight on. Not so much red-eye as green-eye.

These cabbage trees sit at the entrance to the Karori campus of Victoria University – and at night they are floodlit in a way that makes them look pretty surreal. Shot in darkness so slow shutter speed and my natural wobble meant I had to find a way to enhance the blur!;-)

Adore this poster on the wall of a friend’s house. Anyone know where I can get a similar one for myself?!

…you might see Charlotte’s Web strung across the dying fronds of summer flowers.

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