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Graffiti on one of two lights on the Kelburn Viaduct (another shot from the car;-)

What were they thinking, I wonder? Was it some tortured philosophy student on their way back from lectures at the university?

Still, punctuation is a step up from the usual scrawled initials. High-brow tagging, perhaps?

Getting creative with the office glass.


Writing a story, trying out her letters. We are about seven weeks into school. Here we have a ‘recreative excerpt’ from ‘Kiwi Moon’ by Gavin Bishop, starring Te Marama and the little kiwi. “I am a kiwi”, thinks the kiwi. “Well, I am the moon,” thinks Te Marama.

Three weeks into school for E and we are seeing the birth of literacy. Sounding out words, trying to work out what letter makes the word, having a go. ‘Mistakes are welcome’, goes the classroom motto.

And if you can’t work it out, this is a ‘flower cake with some candles’.

Flo, 36 months, makes a first attempt at writing her name.

At 36 months, she makes a first attempt at writing her name.

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