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Clearing out the loft, we find these treasured mini-discs, from the day we converted all our music to modern technology. The Cure, New Order, all the greats…. Gosh, how cutting edge we were.

Let this be a reminder of the never-ending tech-upgrade….

Name of the band 'The Cribs' on chalk boardIntroducing the Cribs. This is the ‘cult band of the UK’ (as seen on a poster). They play to huge stadium crowds in Europe. Their guitarist is uber-guitar-legend, Johnny Marr.

And we get to see them in the intimate (some might say, tiny) Bar Bodega. What a treat. Love the fact that their name is up on the board outside, rather than splashed in neon across some mighty signage.

For more photos snapped from a madly heaving mosh pit barely gripped in my sweaty palm, go to ‘The Cribs’ photo set on Flickr

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