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Monthly Archives: January 2010

Rain stops play

Poor Teddy. He had been so looking forward to the annual Teddy Bears’ Picnic in Wellington’s Botanic Gardens today. The town had had three days of scorching summer weather; surely Sunday would be perfect? Sadly, no. Rain dripped down his sodden fur as he dodged the raindrops and dashed into the nearest cafe – passed the forlorn looking clown, the pissed off-looking fairy and the lone family in hoods and brollies.

His little friend ate her picnic sandwiches inside, nose pressed against the glass: “Poor Teddy. This was Teddy’s day out. He’s a bedroom teddy, so he doesn’t like rain.” Quite.


Wellington could not believe it. Three days of true summer heat in a row. The waterfront was jam-packed, ACDC fans, in town for the second stadium gig this week, jostled with families, rollerbladers and cyclists, and divers plunging from the wharf. On Frank Kitts Lagoon, teens were queuing to try their luck at walking on water in Zorbing spheres.

Dodging the hose in the garden. Archetypal summer shot – except if you live in Wellington. Beautiful sunny day, at last

Coming out to play?

A fabulously hot afternoon in Wellington sees the kids out in the back garden till teatime. The dry grass makes it look particulary drought-ridden but actually we are killing the grass in preparation for the new turf we’ll lay later in the summer. Even so, I think this shot does show how darn hot it was today. And about time.

Somes-Matiu Island

OK, I know, I know, another morning shot – but Wellington was so beautifully shrouded in fog that I couldn’t resist it. Matiu/Soames Island rising above the sea of mist. Shame I only had the iPhone again…[taken 27/1/10]

View of Wellington

Another morning walk (yes, that’s 6am, folks:-), striding up to the summit of Wrights Hill in Karori. Mists settling over the harbour, and much bird-like twittering rising from the Sanctuary below.

Mojo coffee bags

Mooching around Queen’s Wharf this Wellington Anniversary Day took us into the Mojo Shed where we got to plunge our hands into boxes of beans. The children picked out the green ones, while we browsed the shiny machines (a snip at $3000+). Piled high were the sacks of beans waiting to be turned into my morning lattes:-)

Karen Walker skull

Retail therapy at Karen Walker pulls in a haul of goodies at summer sale prices, including this little fella from the ‘She’s Cracked’ collection. Hurrah! Love the contrast between the rope and the shiny ‘jewel’. In fact, have been getting a bit obsessed about skulls today, loving, as I am, Annie Smits Sandano’s skull word cut prints. Also intrigued by the turquoise skeleton, whose title escapes me, in the Wallace Art Award exhibition at the Dowse. Want them all.


La Cloche

Quel dommage! Torrential rain in Wellington saw us cancelling our planned camping trip, and instead seeking shelter in our favourite cafe, la Cloche on the Hutt Road. Condemned to remain indoors, we took our bread and water like brave soldiers – then drowned our sorrows with good coffee and pastries. Enfin, nous etions heureux.

6am. Sun peeking through the brooding clouds. All of Wellington spread before me, as I reach the peak of the morning run. And only the iPhone camera to capture the magic *sigh*

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