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Can you identify this killer? I’ve checked in the Te Papa pages on NZ spiders, but nothing obvious JUMPS out. Anyone know what kind of spider this is? And yes, both victim and perpetrator had disappeared within the hour…

Magnificent magnolias.

A stunning Sunday at Scorching Bay – and the kitsch of the paua-covered house next to Scorch-a-rama Cafe adds to the summer scene.

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Wellington has art just lying around all over the place. Or, should that be, stretching above our heads all over? Another beautiful winter’s day over the weekend.

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While I am sure there are some Makara residents that wish the title of this post was literally true, the wind farm made for an arresting sight from Wrights Hill during sunset a couple of days ago.

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Every Autumn, this tree is one of the last to lose its leaves in the Botanical Gardens here in Wellington. And, just before it does, the leaves turn the brightest yellow. The shape of the branches reminds me of a dancer….

Sunday morning saw me hanging out with the girls down by the skate park near Wellington’s water front. I’m not sure I had noticed the marae-style gateway to the park before today, but the contrast between that and the graffiti nearby was interesting, in terms of both colour and culture. What statement, if any, is made by taking a shot that includes them both?  No colour enhancement on this, btw.

This is one of four sculptures outside the Museum Hotel. I have enhanced the colour (they are normally a rusted browny-red) to emphasise the impact that they make. Snapped this whilst driving past.

Crown Plaza(?) at Wellington, winking its red and green lights in the gathering gloom. Going home from work in the dark:-(

As seen on Plimmer Steps in Wellington CBD.

Graffiti? Art? Political statement?

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