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View from the house as rains come in from the north

7am, Friday morning, Karori.

A beautiful day dawns…

Karori Cemetery: The Plaque Field, pathway upon stretching pathway of grave sites…and, just around the corner, a different kind of ending.

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Lost in the middle of the dripping wet bush near Karori Cemetery, I stumbled across this weird looking beauty….

I like the hint of Autumn sky behind here, and the way the branches frame the tower.

Shot on 13 May 2010

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 A morning at Zealandia’s new exhibition. Recent editorials in the Wellington press criticised their choice to put up – nay, double – the fees, now that the multi-million dollar exhibition has been built. Well, our little family felt happy to pay our annual membership fee in return for the smart new cafe, the shop stuffed with kiwi goodies and the wonderful exhibition.

It was suitably scarey when reminding us of how the natural flora and fauna of NZ was destroyed, and the displays captivated the children while keeping us adults interested too (loved the film of how they tested the fence against pests – boy, those stoats fly!). The sound-responsive bird display (“Don’t shout or you’ll scare the moa”) and the interactive pukeko and giant moa were crowd-pleasers.

More than anything, though, was that the exhibition was emotive enough for us to be champing at the bit to get out into the sanctuary with an eagerness that I’m not sure we felt before it was built. A pleasant work now has a real motivation – to explore this brave and ambitious place of beauty. A work in progress, for sure, but we now have another great attraction in Wellington, a wonderful local cafe near Karori and a reminder of something far more important: that we should be trying to preserve and promote our environment for future generations.

Candles burning brightly, with only a few lights twinkling outside. Computer running on battery. Husband champing at the bit to turn on the XBox:-(

Busy days this week – so a quick post of the last five days’ shots. Random, for sure, but lovely in their varied-ness:-)

1. Those early morning runs are already in darkness – autumn’s on its way. Still, this dawn silhouette shot shows you that it can still be incredibly beautiful at 6.30am:-)

2. Weather bomb arrives in Karori, blocking out the sun, followed by (3) Simon Schama and I laughing about how quickly he name-checked my Karen Walker dress.

4. Duck-shaped profiteroles at Le Canard in Wellington (mais bien sur!) – and (5) a balloon peeks out from the Karori ‘burbs.

Street lights like sparklers…when you swing the camera around at night with a sl–o–w– shutter speed and the aperture open as a farm gate.

This is the view of Karori from our deck at night. No, really.

Flax flowers waving in the windFly the flags. Celebrate a beautiful day.

Escaped the office, collected the girls and headed to the park.

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