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Monthly Archives: March 2010

Yes, it must be Easter again. The golden Lindt rabbit dominated the shelving skyline at New World, Thorndon. Children were agog. Still prefer the equally huge and inflatable Jim McMurty by Michael Parekowhai – at least that rabbit wasnt trying to sell me something;-)

…or so Karori Golf Club fervently hopes, in their cheerfully painted sign on a fence. Love the irony of the glam celeb name on the determinedly home-made signage.

Then again, maybe they know something we don’t??

Graffiti on one of two lights on the Kelburn Viaduct (another shot from the car;-)

What were they thinking, I wonder? Was it some tortured philosophy student on their way back from lectures at the university?

Still, punctuation is a step up from the usual scrawled initials. High-brow tagging, perhaps?

Pretty well documented, these ‘mirror blobs’ [a.k.a. Mimetic Brotherhood, by local artist Peter Trevelyan] of art by Wellington’s Te Papa.

Shame that the ‘do not touch’ sign is pretty hard to see, unlike the dents and broken corners:-(  I am very much in the ‘please DO touch this’ category of art with large pieces like this that just cry out to be interacted with…

Never mind, they certainly look stunning, even on a grey day like this one (Sunday 28, I think).

I love the old building here. Shame it was a ‘drive by shooting’ as I could have got a better shot of the large window behind the tree. Still, the red brick is very ‘university’.

Candles burning brightly, with only a few lights twinkling outside. Computer running on battery. Husband champing at the bit to turn on the XBox:-(

Is this just a New Zealand tradition? Animals made from mouth-swabby stuff (proper name for this??) hanging on a floss necklace. A present for the eldest because she was good for the nurse. No treatment required (which means no trip to see the bank manager;-)

Getting creative with the office glass.


New gumboots, so we are ready for next time.

Maybe not four seasons in one day, but at least three. Rain, gales, thunder lightning – and then this, the calmest of evenings.

This beautiful tree – what kind is it? –  is on a fast bend of the Tinakori road – but the traffic was crawling slow enough for me to get a good look at it. The leaves are already falling under it and those on the tree are beginning to glow yellow.

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