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Category Archives: seasons

We all need some colour to cheer up the grey days. Gorgeous roses – with a side order of gerbera.

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Yesterday may have been the shortest day, but the sun still sank pretty early at the playground today. Still, won’t be long before it’s bathed in sprng sunshine again…;-) Happy Solstice and Happy Matariki!

Chilly days means a warming curry bubbling away on the hob.

Shot during dinner from the deck. Great colours as the night draws in (which is now about 6pm…)

No photoshopping or other enhancements on this. Straight out of the camera to you.

This beautiful tree – what kind is it? –  is on a fast bend of the Tinakori road – but the traffic was crawling slow enough for me to get a good look at it. The leaves are already falling under it and those on the tree are beginning to glow yellow.

The light glowing from the garage window in the early evening made me think about hibernating. Autumn’s a-comin’.

The glow from under the roofing shows how we need to get some extra building work done, too;-)

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