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Sun on wall mural I attend my first assembly for E. I sit with other mums and dads on squeaky plastic chairs in the school hall, looking up at the sun, with its hopeful ‘Carpe diem’ and its comforting ‘kia kaha’.

The children file in, at least four classes of new and nearl-newbies. They sing ‘Edith the Elf’ [who keeps her sparkling treasure on a shelf] and show us things they have made that begin with ‘R’ [spaceships and bunnies. Think about it…]. It’s all actions and loud claps when the teacher wants them to be quiet.

I watch E waving at me, delighted to see that I am amongst the small crowd. She does all her actions and remembers nearly all the words of the song.

I am SO proud – and so glad I went.

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