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Beauty is in the eye of a three year old.

A happy morning spent helping out at a local kindy, making stars for Matariki.

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“I play the recorder” – from ‘Orchestra’

A shot from the DVD of Miffy’s stories by Dick Bruna that the girls have been enjoying this week. Very gentle, very sweet.

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 The eldest came home from school holiday club with these rather intriguing bones today. The ‘dinosaur dig’ had been the theme and they had done some amazing things: searching for remains, decorating home-made dinosaurs, eating dino-chocolate and other fun stuff.

This sabre-toothed skeleton makes for an interesting still-life. And yes, I’ve played with the lighting here. He looks rather eerie. Even if he is a bit dead.

And she’s off!

Stabilisers come off the bike – and the eldest experiences that moment of freedom that is such a powerful moment in childhood.

Is this just a New Zealand tradition? Animals made from mouth-swabby stuff (proper name for this??) hanging on a floss necklace. A present for the eldest because she was good for the nurse. No treatment required (which means no trip to see the bank manager;-)

Hanging over the precipice, the kids chill out in the box. This is the box that the trampoline came in.

And, of course, the box is far more fun.

Writing a story, trying out her letters. We are about seven weeks into school. Here we have a ‘recreative excerpt’ from ‘Kiwi Moon’ by Gavin Bishop, starring Te Marama and the little kiwi. “I am a kiwi”, thinks the kiwi. “Well, I am the moon,” thinks Te Marama.

Three weeks into school for E and we are seeing the birth of literacy. Sounding out words, trying to work out what letter makes the word, having a go. ‘Mistakes are welcome’, goes the classroom motto.

And if you can’t work it out, this is a ‘flower cake with some candles’.

The baby tooth that once heralded its arrival in the world when my tiny baby bit my finger is also the first one to fall out. Being the first one, much Tooth Fairy related excitement has ensued. I have crafted the wee letter from Cobweb Gorsebrush, the fairy that lives on our hill, and polished the shiny coins ($2 for the first tooth seems to be the going rate).

And we take another step away from babyhood.

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