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Writing a story, trying out her letters. We are about seven weeks into school. Here we have a ‘recreative excerpt’ from ‘Kiwi Moon’ by Gavin Bishop, starring Te Marama and the little kiwi. “I am a kiwi”, thinks the kiwi. “Well, I am the moon,” thinks Te Marama.

Booking sheet for parents' evening at schoolIf it’s Term 1, Week 6, it must be time for Parent-Teacher Evening at school;-) It’s the first time I have attended a PTE for my own child, and the first one in which the child helped to lead it. Yes, she needed a lot of prompting – she’s only five –  but the intention is great – help them take control of their own learning.

We talked through ‘two stars’ – achievements – and a ‘wish’, the next goal for literacy and numeracy. We also got to feedback on any aspect of her life that was going well, and areas that she was keen to work on, so that the teacher could add to what he already knew of her.

Really impressed.

The baby tooth that once heralded its arrival in the world when my tiny baby bit my finger is also the first one to fall out. Being the first one, much Tooth Fairy related excitement has ensued. I have crafted the wee letter from Cobweb Gorsebrush, the fairy that lives on our hill, and polished the shiny coins ($2 for the first tooth seems to be the going rate).

And we take another step away from babyhood.

Dodging the hose in the garden. Archetypal summer shot – except if you live in Wellington. Beautiful sunny day, at last

Coming out to play?

A fabulously hot afternoon in Wellington sees the kids out in the back garden till teatime. The dry grass makes it look particulary drought-ridden but actually we are killing the grass in preparation for the new turf we’ll lay later in the summer. Even so, I think this shot does show how darn hot it was today. And about time.

A beautiful day in Highbury Park. Make a wish…

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