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Monthly Archives: July 2010

Wellington has art just lying around all over the place. Or, should that be, stretching above our heads all over? Another beautiful winter’s day over the weekend.

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Seen in Wellington, it is both comforting and melancholic – why wouldn’t we be doing OK? For more examples of guerilla knitting, check out this collection on Flickr.

well, almost.

Day 2 in Christchurch…I snap photos like a soppy tourist;-)

A superb venue for the English teachers’ conference…

Went to see ‘Toy Story 3‘ in 3D last night (and how fabulous everything looked through my specs..). Was thoroughly sucked into the pathos and humour. A glorious finale to the Toy Story story. Went home and vowed never, never, EVER to throw away my teddy. I’ve had him for 39 years, through school, college, work and travel. Gave him an extra cuddle because I was so glad I had never thrown him away. Go see the movie (and look after your toys).

I succumbed. They are just gorgeous. Diesel, in the sale. How could a girl resist, even if they do make me six foot high? I might tag them as ‘art’….

Sunday morning coffee, steam curling in the sunshine.

I took loads of shots of this, and there were all kinds of amazing patterns and spirals, as well as colours shooting through.

Coffee was pretty fine, too.

…the roof has a certain style….

One of the Writers’ Walk plaques, down on Wellington waterfront.

Crooked town, crooked shot…

Read the full text of Speaking with my Grandmothers by Fiona Kidman.

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