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Monthly Archives: June 2010

While I am sure there are some Makara residents that wish the title of this post was literally true, the wind farm made for an arresting sight from Wrights Hill during sunset a couple of days ago.

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I love the fluting on this light that has pride of place in our hallway.

A happy morning spent helping out at a local kindy, making stars for Matariki.

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Every Autumn, this tree is one of the last to lose its leaves in the Botanical Gardens here in Wellington. And, just before it does, the leaves turn the brightest yellow. The shape of the branches reminds me of a dancer….

Making the most of the brief hour between storms….

Posting this a bit late. Happy belated birthday,Liz.

After over five years, and much wearing out of wheels, we sell the last buggy. One more step toward being big people.

Well, I got to hold one and have a play for few days, thanks to two colleagues who brought one back from the US.  Produced a report as part of my Masters on how effectively the iPad may support learning. Just waiting for my grade….but the iPad looked very nice on the kitchen bench. And on my desk. And reading on the sofa….

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Wild weather we’ve been having of late.

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Give a child a lovely, yellow balloon, a big, thick marker…and this is what they might draw. Someone a bit angry?;-)

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