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Booking sheet for parents' evening at schoolIf it’s Term 1, Week 6, it must be time for Parent-Teacher Evening at school;-) It’s the first time I have attended a PTE for my own child, and the first one in which the child helped to lead it. Yes, she needed a lot of prompting – she’s only five –  but the intention is great – help them take control of their own learning.

We talked through ‘two stars’ – achievements – and a ‘wish’, the next goal for literacy and numeracy. We also got to feedback on any aspect of her life that was going well, and areas that she was keen to work on, so that the teacher could add to what he already knew of her.

Really impressed.


  1. We Year 5/6 children use two stars and a wish to give feedback to our peers in our classroom. The feedback that the kids give each other is as good as good can get once they have been taken through the process.

    We have been working towards a culture of three way conferences for the past three years. We had our gol setting edition last week and I had thought this would be “training” for this group of children in readiness for the mid year reflections. Instead, I was absolutely overwhelmed by how well this group of children took their learning into their own hands and set very relevant goals. I was so chuffed at the time, I wrote the following post on the kids’ blog!

  2. Snap! We just finished up ours tonight as well. My Year Four class are so much more articulate as they get older and have done it a few times now. It is interesting that the things that they want to get better at are pretty much the same thing I want them to get better at. We are on the same wavelength at least. Every single parent loved the ‘what is new them’ homework grid that I use. Great for me to get that sort of positive feedback as well- it can carry you through the times when things turn to custard as they sometimes do!

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